Automatic CueCat Formatter

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This project is very simple and, as such, I'm not going to host much of a homepage for it here, at least not yet. I provide just a simple description.

The Automatic CueCat Formatter program is written in VB6 -- two small source files (one form and one module). Yes it will function without the delivered CueCat drivers and will do its own decoding. It runs under Microsoft Windows and can capture keyboard input (this is the mechanism by which the CueCat bar code scanner enters data). It will decode the input and display it in the application window. It optionally captures keyboard input from any running Windows application (rather than just input into the application window). It also has the option to send decoded output back to the active application according to one of a number of canned format strings. You can also type your own format string. These format strings can include keystrokes to locate and delete the encoded form of the string (all the canned formats attempt to do so). The canned formats are designed for use with programs like Notepad or Excel. Microsoft Word (at least under Windows 98 on my machine) does not seem to like to interact with this program at all, though.

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